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    自然科學版 英文版
    自然科學版 英文版

    Journal of Central South University


    Vol. 26    No. 11    November 2019

    Review of oxidant resistant coating on graphite substrate of HTR fuel element YANG Hui(楊輝), ZHAO Hong-sheng(趙宏生), LI Zi-qiang(李自強), LIU Xiao-xue(劉小雪),ZHANG Kai-hong(張凱紅), WANG Tao-wei(王桃葳), LIU Bing(劉兵) 2915
    Modified constitutive model and workability of 7055 aluminium alloy in hot plastic compression ZHANG Tao(張濤), ZHANG Shao-hang(張少航), LI Lei(李磊), LU Shi-hong(魯世紅), GONG Hai(龔海) 2930
    Inverse Stone-Thrower-Wales defect and transport properties of 9AGNR double-gate graphene nanoribbon FETs Mohammad Bagher NASROLLAHNEJAD, Parviz KESHAVARZI 2943
    Preparation of low-temperature sintered high conductivity inks based on nanosilver self-assembled on surface of graphene LIU Piao(劉飄), HE Wen-qiang(賀文強), LU An-xian(盧安賢) 2953
    Tribological and wear performance of centrifuge cast functional graded copper based composite at dry sliding conditions N. RADHIKA, Manu SAM 2961
    Enhanced HMF yield from glucose with H-ZSM-5 catalyst in water–tetrahydrofuran/2-butanol/2-methyltetrahydrofuran biphasic systems XU Si-quan(徐思泉), PAN Dong-hui(潘東輝), XIAO Guo-min(肖國民) 2974
    Extraction of Cd and Pb from contaminated-paddy soil with EDTA, DTPA, citric acid and FeCl3 and effects on soil fertility LIANG Fang(梁芳), GUO Zhao-hui(郭朝暉), MEN Shu-hui(門姝慧), XIAO Xi-yuan(肖細元),PENG Chi(彭馳), WU Long-hua(吳龍華), Peter CHRISTIE 2987
    Adsorption kinetics and thermodynamics of sodium butyl xanthate onto bornite in flotation SUN Qian-yu(孫乾予), YIN Wan-zhong(印萬忠), CAO Shao-hang(曹少航), YANG Bin(楊斌),SUN Hao-ran(孫浩然), TANG Yuan(唐遠), WANG Dong-hui(王東輝), YAO Jin(姚金) 2998
    Brewing of low-alcoholic drink from corncobs via yeast-cellulase synchronous fermentation process LI Xin-she(李新社), LU Bu-shi(陸步詩), WANG Jie(王潔), YIN Hai-yan(殷海艷), XIE Hong(謝洪) 3008
    FLBS: Fuzzy lion Bayes system for intrusion detection in wireless communication network NARENDRASINH B Gohil, VDEVYAS Dwivedi 3017
    Energy efficient resource allocation for D2D multicast communications ZUO Jia-kuo(左加闊), YANG Long-xiang(楊龍祥) 3034
    Crack evolution behavior of rocks under confining pressures and its propagation model before peak stress ZUO Jian-ping(左建平), CHEN Yan(陳巖), LIU Xiao-li(劉曉麗) 3045
    OMHT method for weak signal processing of GPR and its application in identification of concrete micro-crack LING Tong-hua(凌同華), ZHANG Liang(張亮), HUANG Fu(黃阜), GU Dan-ping(谷淡平), YU Bin(余彬), ZHANG Sheng(張勝) 3057
    Enhancing performance of soil using lime and precluding landslide in Benin (West Africa) Quirin Engelbert Ayeditan ALAYE, LING Xian-zhang, Yvette Sèdjro KIKI TANKPINOU,Marx Ferdinand AHLINHAN, LUO Jun, Michel Hadilou ALAYE 3066
    Flexural and eigen-buckling analysis of steel-concrete partially composite plates using weak form quadrature element method XIA Jun(夏軍), SHEN Zhi-qiang(申志強), LIU Kun(劉昆), SUN Cheng-ming(孫成名) 3087
    Fourier-shape-based reconstruction of rock joint profile with realistic unevenness and waviness features NIE Zhi-hong(聶志紅), WANG Xiang(王翔), HUANG Dong-liang(黃棟梁), ZHAO Lian-heng(趙煉恒) 3103
    Property changes of anchor grout calcined ginger nuts admixed with fly ash and quartz sand after accelerated ageing tests ZHANG Jing-ke(張景科), ZHANG Li-xiang(張理想), ZHAO Lin-yi(趙林毅), LIU Dun(劉盾), GUO Qing-lin(郭青林), PEI Qiang-qiang(裴強強) 3114
    A value adding approach to hard-rock underground mining operations: Balancing orebody orientation and mining direction through meta-heuristic optimization Martha E. VILLALBA MATAMOROS, Mustafa KUMRAL 3126
    Determination of initial cable force of cantilever casting concrete arch bridge using stress balance and influence matrix methods TIAN Zhong-chu(田仲初), PENG Wen-ping(彭文平), ZHANG Jian-ren(張建仁), JIANG Tian-yong(蔣田勇), DENG Yang(鄧揚) 3140
    Modified imperialist competitive algorithm-based neural network to determine shear strength of concrete beams reinforced with FRP Amir HASANZADE-INALLU, Panam ZARFAM, Mehdi NIKOO 3156
    Analytical solutions of transient heat conduction in multi-layered slabs and application to thermal analysis of landfills WU Xun(吳珣), SHI Jian-yong(施建勇), LEI Hao(雷浩), LI Yu-ping(李玉萍), Leslie OKINE 3175
    Simulation on flow, heat transfer and stress characteristics of large-diameter thick-walled gas cylinders in quenching process under different water spray volumes GAOJing-na(高靜娜), GAO Ying(高穎), XU Qin-ran(徐欽冉), WANG Ge(王葛), LI Qiang(李強) 3188
    Experimental investigation on boiling heat transfer and pressure drop of R245fa in a horizontal micro-fin tube WANG Zhi-qi(王志奇), HE Ni(賀妮), XIA Xiao-xia(夏小霞), LIU Li-wen(劉力文) 3200

        Infomation:CN43-1516/TB*1994*m*A4*298*en*P*RMB ?100*500*23*2019-11


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