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    自然科學版 英文版
    自然科學版 英文版

    Journal of Central South University


    Vol. 15    Special 2    May 2008

    Pile-soil stress ratio in bidirectionally reinforced composite ground by considering soil arching effect 鄒新軍,楊眉,趙明華,楊小禮 1
    Settlement of composite foundation with discrete material pile considering modulus change 曹文貴,劉海濤,李翔,張永杰 8
    Estimation of sand liquefaction based on support vector machines 蘇永華,馬寧,胡檢,楊小禮 15
    Residual settlement calculation of geocell cushion over gravel piles 陳昌富,楊宇,肖淑君,周志軍 21
    Stress dilatancy analysis of shallow tunnels subjected to unsymmetrical pressure 楊小禮,王金明 28
    Effective depth of dynamic compaction in embankment built with soils and rocks 鄒金鋒,羅恒,楊小禮 34
    Stability analysis of subgrade cave roofs in karst region 蔣沖,蔣沖,趙明華,曹文貴 38
    Bearing capacity and mechanical behavior of CFG pile composite foundation 陳秋南,陳秋南,趙明華,周國華,張主華 45
    Dynamic compaction treatment technology research of red clay soil embankment in southern mountains 劉建華,袁劍波,陳偉,熊虎 50
    Geological behavior of wet outflow deposition fly ash 周德泉,周德泉,趙明華,劉宏利,嚴聰,周毅 58
    Nonlinear calculating method of pile settlement 賀煒,王桂堯,王泓華 63
    Numerical analyses of influence of overlying pit excavation on existing tunnels 鄭剛,魏少偉 69
    An improved damaging model for structured clays 姜巖,鄭剛,徐舜華,雷華陽 76
    Numerical analysis of effect of friction between diaphragm wall and soil on braced excavation 刁鈺,鄭剛 81
    Numerical analysis of pile lateral behavior of pile supported embankment 荊志東,劉力,姜巖,鄭剛 87
    A critical state subloading surface model of sands with shear hardening 徐舜華,鄭剛,姜巖 93
    Development technology of rigidity-drain pile and numerical analysis of its anti-liquefaction characteristics 劉漢龍,劉漢龍,陳育民,趙楠 101
    Application of PCC pile in soil improvement of highway 劉芝平,劉漢龍,劉漢龍,譚慧明 108
    Dynamic experimental study on rock meso-cracks growth by digital image processing technique 朱珍德,朱珍德,倪驍慧,王偉,趙杰,李雙蓓,武沂泉 114
    Cast-in-place concrete thin-wall pipe pile as barrier for vibration isolation 張富有,張富有,陳燦壽,魏良甲,張霆 121
    Test study of high liquid limit clay modified by quick lime used as sub-grade material 張文慧,張文慧,席文勇,王保田,洪寶寧 126
    Rock bridge slice element method in slope stability analysis based on multi-scale geological structure mapping 張發明,汪北華,陳祖煜,汪小剛,賈志欣 131
    Calculation method of composite foundation sedimentation of grouting pile with cover plate under embankment load 顧長存,洪昌地,馬文彬,李雪平 138
    Intact soft clay’s critical response to dynamic stress paths on different combinations of principal stress orientation 沈揚,沈揚,周建,龔曉南,劉漢龍 147
    Numerical computation of anti-liquefaction effect of lattice-type cement-mixed soil countermeasure 高玉峰,高玉峰,楊雪玲,沈揚,周源 155
    Numerical study of rheologic and soil damage for ground improvement by vacuum preloading 吳躍東,吳躍東,鄭世華 161
    Regional landslide forecasting model using interferometric SAR images 董育煩,高正夏,張發明,蒯志要 168
    Shear behavior of sand-expanded polystyrene beads lightweight fills 鄧安,鄧安,肖楊 174
    Working mechanism and numerical simulation of assembly coastal building techniques 陳育民,陳育民,劉漢龍,陳澤 180
    Evaluation of ultimate bearing capacity of Y-shaped vibro-pile 王新泉,王新泉,陳永輝,張霆,林飛,盧孝益 186
    Field study of plastic tube cast-in-place concrete pile 陳永輝,陳永輝,曹德洪,王新泉,張霆,杜海偉 195
    Swelling characteristics of immersed sand-bentonite mixtures 豐土根,豐土根,豐土根,崔紅斌,孫德安,杜冰 203
    Vibration pore water pressure characteristics of saturated fine sand under partially drained condition 王炳輝,陳國興 209
    Undrained dynamical behavior of Nanjing flake-shaped fine sand under cyclic loading 陳國興,劉雪珠,戰吉艷 215
    Micro-column enhanced boiling structure and its ramification 湯勇,陸龍生,袁冬,蘇達士 222
    Development of high-aspect-ratio microchannel heat exchanger based on multi-tool milling process 潘敏強,李金恒,湯勇 228
    Design and performance test of miniature capillary pumped loop for electronics cooling 萬珍平,皮丕輝,付永清,湯勇 235
    Thermal performance of heat pipe with different micro-groove structures 白鵬飛,湯勇,唐彪,陸龍生 240
    Influence of load capacity on hydrostatic journal support deformation in finite element calculation 邵俊鵬,張艷芹,李永海,于曉東,姜輝 245
    Hardware-in-loop simulation on hydrostatic thrust bearing worktable pose 韓桂華,秦柏,董玉紅,邵俊鵬 250
    Synthesis of PZT power by wet-dry method and its structure 湯卉,王佳,高維麗 257
    Simulation of embedded heat exchangers of solar aided ground source heat pump system 王芳,鄭茂余,李忠建,邵俊鵬 261
    Influences of magnetic treatment on microstructure densification of diamond saw segments 翟富剛,張燕玲,李娟,張慶 267
    Intelligent control technology for deep drawing of sheet metal 錢志平,趙軍,楊嵩,馬瑞 273
    Numerical simulation of involutes spline shaft in cold rolling forming 王志奎,王志奎,張慶 278
    Effect of alternate magnetic field on LY12 structure properties after thermal plastic forming 陳革新,付寧明,尹京,肖宏 284
    Optimization and static strength test of carbody of light rail vehicle 秦泗吉,鐘揚志,羊祥云,趙明慧 288
    Experimental investigation and numerical simulation of large-sized aluminum tube extrusion forming 呂亞臣,馬春榮,徐巖,駱俊廷,駱俊廷 293
    Optimizing casting parameters of steel ingot based on orthogonal method 張沛,臧新良,李學通,杜鳳山 296
    Effect of drawbead on forming performance of subsequent sheet 李群,郭寶峰,金淼,孫成麗 301
    Optimal forming zone length in continuous extrusion of lead-clad glass fiber wire 李霞,唐景林,王麗薇,高明 306
    Improvement of springback prediction of wide sheet metal air bending process 李建,趙軍,孫紅磊,馬瑞 310
    Electricity price forecasting using generalized regression neural network based on principal components analysis 牛東曉,劉達,邢棉 316
    A hybrid particle swarm optimization approach with neural network and set pair analysis for transmission network planning 劉吉成,顏蘇莉,乞建勛 321
    Forecasting increasing rate of power consumption based on immune genetic algorithm combined with neural network 楊淑霞 327
    Blended coal’s property prediction model based on PCA and SVM 崔彥彬,劉承水 331
    Study and application of time series forecasting based on rough set and Kernel method 楊淑霞 336
    Malfunction analysis of OPGW of stainless steel-unit structure 李星梅,張素芳,乞建勛,王旭鋒 341
    Application of improved PSO to power transmission congestion management optimization model 李翔,劉預勝,楊淑霞 347
    Automatic testing system design and data analysis of permafrost temperature in Qinghai-Tibet Railway 尚迎春,齊紅元 352
    Conformal optimal design and processing of extruding die cavity 齊紅元,陳科山,杜鳳山 357
    Determination of optimal period of absolute encoders with single track cyclic gray code 張帆,朱衡君 362
    Evaluation of properties and thermal stress field for thermal barrier coatings 王良,楊曉光,李旭,齊紅寧 367
    In-situ measurement of elastic modulus for ceramic top-coat at high temperature 齊紅寧,周立柱,馬海全,楊曉光,李旭 372
    Fuzzy optimization of pneumatic half-floating slide ways 李宇鵬,高殿榮,單彥霞,張海青 377
    Pulse electrical arc stimulator based on single-electrode for active exercise in tail-suspension rat 孫聯文,謝添,張曉薇,孫瑤,楊肖,樊瑜波 383
    Mathematical modeling and analytical solution for stretching force of automatic feed mechanism 魏志芳,陳國光 389
    Reformative multicast routing protocol based on Ad Hoc 楊喜旺,王華,焦國太 394
    Analysis of errors induced by λ/4 wave plate in fiber-optic current sensor system 楊瑞峰 399
    Signal processing for all fiber optical current transducer 裴煥斗,裴煥斗,祖靜,陳鴻 404
    Application of particle swarm optimization blind source separation technology in fault diagnosis of gearbox 黃晉英,黃晉英,潘宏俠,畢世華,楊喜旺 409
    Evaluation of dissolved oxygen in water by artificial neural network and sample optimization 陳麗華,李麗 416
    Application of virtual material in joint surface of complex assembled structures 崔志琴,景銀萍 421


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